[Complete] Video Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour Collaborations

1. Airplanes ft. BOB (Dallas, 10/8/11)

2. Alright ft. Darius Rucker (Columba, 11/18/11)

3. Baby ft. Justin Bieber (Los Angeles, 8/23/11)

4. Big star ft. Kenny Chesney (Nashville, 9/17/11)

5. Bleed Red ft. Ronnie Dunn (Nashville, 9/16/11)

6. Fire And Rain ft. James Taylor (New York, 11/22/11)

7. I’m yours ft. Jason Mraz (Los Angeles, 8/24/11)

8. Iris ft. Johnny Rzeznik (New York, 11/21/11)

9. Just A Dream ft. Nelly (Houston, 11/5/11)

10. Just to see you smile ft. Tim McGraw (Nashville, 9/17/11)

11. Keep your head up ft. Andy Grammer (Nashville, 9/17/11)

12. Live your life ft. T.I.(Atlanta, 10/2/11)

13. Meant To Live ft. Jon Foreman (Phoenix, 10/21/11)

14. Right Round ft. Flo Rida (Miami, 11/13/11)

15. She’s so high ft. Tal Bachman (Vancouver, 9/10/11)

16. Sunny Came Home ft.Shawn Colvin (Austin, 10/26/11)

17. Super bass ft. Nicki Minaj (Los Angeles, 8/28/11)

18. That’s what you get ft. Hayley Williams (Nashville, 9/16/11)

19. The Middle ft. Jim Adkins (Phoenix, 10/22/11)

20. Tonight Tonight ft. Hot Chelle Rae (Los Angeles, 8/27/11)

21. Who Says ft. Selena Gomez (New York, 11/22/11)

22. Yeah ft. Usher (Atlanta, 10/1/11)


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